How to Deal with Gambling Addiction

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Battling with chances gives a gambler a winning sensation that is not like any others. It is unique, relieving, and addictive. And at worst, game addiction can be pathological. This condition may later ruin one’s career, social relationship, and family relationship. Gambling addiction can truly destroy a person’s life.

In this article, we are going to raise awareness about gambling addiction. It is a real behavioral disorder, and it needs immediate attention. Blaming, punishing, and banishing the person in question will not save him/her in any way. If you are having similar problems, or if you want to help someone you know, then read this article to the end.

Identifying the Signs

roulette tableGamblers can get devoted to their games, and it is the closest state to addiction. However, a devoted player is not necessarily a gambling addict. Dedicated players schedule their games, and are still capable of maintaining personal life and career. A gambling maniac, on the other hand, will spend excessive amounts of time and money to play. They often neglect their real-life responsibilities while doing so.

The second sign of a gambling addict is that he/she feels guilty after gambling. They know that their behaviors are destructive, but they can’t help it. If you hear one of your friends is in distressed, and he/she tells you about their regrets of gambling, then they are trying to get help.

Third, a gambling addict sacrifices his/her time with families. Their closed ones become the victim of their gambling addiction. But the addicts themselves often lie about their condition. An addict’s family usually suffer from unexplainable loss of family’s saving and valuable assets. If you notice this kind of story, you may suspect the person in question as a gambling addict, and you should investigate further.

Breaking the Habit Step-by-Step

We all should realize the fact that gambling may or may not be destructive to the players. Losing or winning in a game is only for the sake of enjoyment. The key to a gambling addiction issue is to conquer the craving.

First, an addict must make expense priority. If there is money left after all dues are paid, then the addict may use the money to play. Second, an addict should have a companion who can control the addiction. Once the addict seems to spend too much time and money on a game, then the companion’s task is to remind the addict to stop. Third, take a break from gambling for weeks or months. Do gamble occasionally, and only do it for fun. Again, these efforts must be under another person’s supervision.

Detaching from a Toxic Community

roulette bettingGambling addicts mingle with other gambling addicts. And friends are the strongest behavioral influence toward an individual. If you want to help an addict, and you notice that he/she socializes with people of the same interest, then you should save the addict. Make him/her understand how being around toxic people can deter the addict’s commitment to stop the gambling addiction.

Finding Alternative Activities

Shift the addict’s focus by getting him/her involved in volunteer programs. Helping people in need gives happiness, thrill, and excitement too. Or, you can make the addict join a fitness program. People get addicted to gambling because the playing releases the dopamine, the happy brain chemical. And both being a Samaritan or a physically active person invokes the same biological reaction.